a hobby turned into a passion

In 1998 we first learned about the underwater world. Our first photos were taken while snorkeling with analog cameras. It was days waiting for the results of the photos and film.

In 2003 we made the switch to digital photography, a new and limitless world. The same year we started diving and got the open water certification. We improve our diving skills to dive independently and take the necessary time for taking pictures.

In the years that followed we tried to dive in various places. Last time was again Egypt in 2019 since then a lot has changed with Corona. I have shifted the focus to macro photography of insects. Advantage of living rural, one step in the garden and I’m on the house reef.

In the meantime I am the owner of several hotels. From very large hotel to holiday homes, all for insects. Various plants, flowers and delicacies in the garden provide perfect facilities. You have to treat the guests well

With this website we share a part of the passion.

Enjoy !

Ronny Tielemans

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